Does employee scheduling prevent work on more important problems?

Cooperation can help with that.

What is Cooperation?

Cooperation is cloud based employee scheduling software that streamlines your job, empowers employees, and gets everyone working.

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How Cooperation works infographic. Outlines the set up and reccurring work Cooperation requires to help you get on with work thats more important than scheduling. Scheduling becomes simple.You can get backto the real work. Getto Work Change any assignmentsyou don't like.Then hit publish. ConfirmEverything The time clock makes it easy to track, manage,& report hours. TrackTime Fill empty shifts and coverno-shows without overor under scheduling.Manage PTO too. ManageAbsences We let employees knowtheir schedule. They canthen start trading & picking up shifts. NotifyEmployees We generate your schedule.We fill any gaps fromself-scheduling CreateSchedules Each role gets a repeatingshift schedule, its ownlicensing/qualifications,& locations where work happens CreateRoles Teach us your employees' skills, contact info,qualifications,& availability. AddEmployees

Why you'll love it


Make shift trades and request schedule changes online rather than calling in.

View your schedule on your phone.


Schedule always stays up to date.

Fewer call-ins.

Executives & Owners

Make sure things are going to plan.

Enable autonomy in employees & managers.

Customized for your industry

Skilled nursing facilities

PBJ Reporting.

HPRD budgeting.

Final Rule staff competency tracking.

Your industry here:

The system is very capable already but if you have special needs don't hesitate to email us: Lets work together to create you what you need.

Start saving time with a better schedule.