Or: 460 words on how Cooperation helps you achieve your goals

User interface customization

Because branding matters. Add your logo, call your employees “partners” or “sandwich artists” or even “rockstars,” and make things look the way your business looks.

Demand-based scheduling

Add in details about your forecasted demand and most important shifts for extra coverage, and we can help generate the perfect fit schedule to maximize your employees and your payroll budget. With industry specific settings, you can add the dinner rush, keep HPRD within range, and ensure you always have the right number of employees at the right time.

Manual scheduling, automated scheduling, daily scheduling, every kind of scheduling you can think of

Sure, you can do it all by hand if you want. (But you’ll never want to again after you’ve experienced the joy of Cooperation.) You can plan for a day, a week, or whatever works best for you. We’ll track everything for you and handle the communication aspects no matter how you use it.

Choose schedule start date, limit the days in a row someone is assigned, and all those those details you’re thinking way too hard about right now

Does your schedule start Wednesdays? Fine with us. Want to make sure your staff gets two days off in a row? Go you, boss. Need to enforce minimum and maximum hours in a day? Easy peasy.

Employee autonomy features

Employees can list shift preferences, trade shifts (within the boundaries and rules you set up), offer shifts, accept or decline additional shifts, request time off, set contact preferences, opt-in for shift reminders, and more. They like it because then they get better insight and some say in what’s going on, and you like it because you’re actually still in full control. Everybody wins, and you’re the #bessbossever.

Multiple locations, time zones, and currencies

Offices in Denver, London, and Istanbul? Well, that’s weird, but it’s not a problem. Add as many of your locations you like. You can also specify which employees can work where.

Closed for the holidays or the season

You can shut down scheduling in the company settings page. If you have a seasonal business, we can hold down the fort for you during the off-season.

Weekly status reports

We send you fancy reports with all your data every week. Get a heads up before you’re going into overtime, make sure shifts aren’t understaffed, and more with status reports.

It’s also a nice way to show off how well Cooperation is working for you.

Are you getting feature fatigue yet?

No worries — we know we sound like a lot to handle. You can turn off features you don’t need and turn them back on if you do.

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