How does Cooperation work?

Cooperation is a cloud-based employee scheduling, time clocking, and PTO management software. It takes into account data, priorities, and guidelines you set in order to generate an ideal schedule.

Train us the same way you’d train someone new in charge of scheduling. Simply tell us about the roles in your organization, the qualifications of your employees, and who needs to be where when in order to meet business and customer needs. Armed with the basics, Cooperation will assign the best staff to the most critical shifts first. Then it will work through your list of employees to fill remaining shifts and create the most effective schedule possible.

Can I change things I don’t like?

Of course! You retain complete oversight and control. We just do the dirty work.

Once the schedule has been generated, you can review it and make changes, add notes for employees, and send it to your staff with one click. Once employees receive the published schedule, they can trade shifts if they desire. But don’t worry - they can only trade with co-workers who are qualified to work the shift, so you’ll never be left short-handed.

Is Cooperation complicated to use and setup?

We provided onboarding assistance to guide you through exactly what Cooperation needs in order to get started--up to and including flying anywhere in the United States to get you set up.

Yep. We’re that dedicated to your success. If you have any questions at all, we’re happy to help you through the process. We’re here to help you be the #bestbossever.

Will this actually save me time?

Yes! Once the basic information is in Cooperation, we learn how to best serve you. The more you use it, the more intuitive it becomes. And because it allows your managers and employees to use their phone, email, and other communication methods they already use to manage everything, it’s easy to get everyone on board.

...What if I still can’t figure it out?

We’ll walk you through on the phone. Or via live chat. Or email. Or by passenger pigeon, if that’s your deal. Cooperation is about making things work for everybody, and that means keeping the lines of communication open.

What do we mean by “scheduled employee”?

A “scheduled employee” is someone that is scheduled by our software in a given month. You’re free to have as many employees in our database as you like. We only charge based on the number of employees scheduled to work in a given month. For example, if you have 100 employees in your database but only 37 are scheduled to work in the month, you’ll only be charged for those 37. This means that as people join or leave your organization, you’re free to retain their historical data and your costs for scheduling won’t grow.

Start saving time with a better schedule.