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Compare QMs and other 5-star data trends against other facilities.

What does this site do?

Cooperation’s comparison tool uses CMS 5-star data to generate easy-to-read performance reports. Cooperation helps you quickly identify your facility’s strongest attributes as well as areas for improvement according to industry standard quality care metrics. Access reports on other nursing facilities both locally and nationally to understand where you fall in terms of meeting, and exceeding, care standards.

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Single Facility Assessment

Quickly assess your facility’s strengths and weaknesses in relation to other providers.

Group Comparisons

We calculate weighted averages according to facility and group census to compare groups of facilities the same way we compare individual facilities.

Interactive Analyses

Generate reports you can present to ACOs, hospitals, and discharge planners.

Proprietary Metrics

In addition to the standard 5-star metrics, we can complete additional analyses, including acuity and reimbursements with more on the way.

Why You'll Love It

SNF management teams

  • Assess your progress on QAPI Initiatives.
  • Identify problem areas that affect your census, 5-star rating, & patient outcomes.
  • Demonstrate concrete evidence of your facility’s successes over time.
  • Direct staff to address the most pressing issues.

Hospitals & discharge planners

  • Provide in-depth quality information to patients & their families.
  • Find high quality facilities to direct your patients to.
  • Show higher-ups that the set of facilities you refer patients to is above (or below) benchmarks.
  • Provide local SNFs with data-rich feedback to encourage improvement.


  • Assess your SNFs' performance versus peers.
  • See long term QM performance for SNFs being considered for membership.
  • Create reports for member SNFs to highlight areas they can improve.
  • Identify your best performers and recruit them to help the rest of your portfolio.

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