Does employee scheduling prevent work on more important problems?

Cooperation can help with that.

What is Cooperation?

Cooperation is cloud based employee scheduling software that streamlines your job, empowers employees, and gets everyone working.

Employee scheduling

Automatically schedule your employees.

Let them trade shifts among themselves.

Time clock

Know who is on the floor at all times.

Receive notifications when employees are late or staying over.

PTO management

See when you'll be short staffed before granting time off.

Request and grant PTO from home.


Message the team, via phone, SMS, & email.

Choose the frequency and preferred method of delivery for messages, notifications, and reminders.

How it works:

  1. Teach us about your employees — Their skills, qualifications, contact info, and availability are enough to get started.
  2. Set up rules for roles — Create parameters so employees can only work, trade, or pick up shifts they qualify for.
  3. We create a schedule — Never get stuck generating a brand new schedule every week again.
  4. Double check our work — Make sure the assignments we made are how you like them and change any that are not.
  5. Publish the schedule — We contact employees via phone, SMS or email to tell them when they work. They can start trading & picking up shifts.
  6. They clock in/out — Cooperation’s time clock makes it easy to track hours & breaks from the web, a tablet, or employee smartphones.
  7. Manage absences — No more accidental over or under-scheduling. Track paid time off and overtime allowances. Use the system to fill in call ins & no-shows.
  8. Get back to work — Focus on the important decisions, not the day-to-day struggle.

Why you'll love it


Make shift trades and request schedule changes online rather than calling in.

View your schedule on your phone.


Schedule always stays up to date.

Fewer call-ins.

Executives & Owners

Make sure things are going to plan.

Enable autonomy in employees & managers.

Customized for your industry

Skilled nursing facilities

PBJ Reporting.

HPRD budgeting.

Final Rule staff competency tracking.

Your industry here:

The system is very capable already but if you have special needs don't hesitate to email us: Lets work together to create you what you need.

Start saving time with a better schedule.