Manual scheduling is a waste of time.

Get Cooperation to automate employee scheduling and get back to solving problems that matter.

What is Cooperation?

Cooperation is employee scheduling software for everyone that streamlines your job, empowers your employees, and makes you the #bestbossever.

How it works:

  1. Set up rules for roles — Create parameters so employees can only trade or take shifts they are qualified for.
  2. Create a core schedule — Never get stuck creating a new schedule every week again.
  3. Get back to work — Focus on the important decisions, not the day-to-day struggle.

Why you'll love it

Maintain Oversight and Control

As you train Cooperation, it learns how to maintain your schedule and your protocol for shift trades and time-off requests. But don’t worry - you’re still in full control. Keep an eye on who works when, overtime, and shift-swapping easily with Cooperation’s simple dashboard.

Empower Employees

With varying access levels you assign, staff and management have the ability to be more autonomous by setting up, trading, and reassigning shifts. Keep everyone on the same page with Cooperation’s streamlined communications and an accessible platform using email, phone call, SMS, or onsite message.

Stay Up To Date

With a web-based schedule, everyone has instant access to the most current information. The work schedule becomes more predictable and responsive, which employees love, and because they can make adjustments quickly and easily online, you’ll love that you’re interrupted less.

Start saving time with a better schedule today.