We did some comparative analysis of

Heritage Hall King George

We compared them to the nearest 10 providers in Virginia in this quality metric

"percent of residents who have/had a catheter inserted and left in their bladder"

& we found that:
  • HHKG has been a top performer among the nearest 10 group.
  • HHKG is better than the average (0.0% vs. 1.2%) for the nearest 10 group.
  • Since April 2018 HHKG has improved against the average.
  • HHKG's best performance was 0.0% during the quarter ending October 2018
  • HHKG's worst performance was 5.0% during the quarter ending October 2011
  • HHKG has been improving for 4 quarters. Since October 1, 2017.

HHKG is in the 71st percentile and is doing better than 7 other providers.

How does your organization compare?

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